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T5 Firmware V4.3.362
File Size:575.28 KbHits:200UpdateTime:2018/03/30
T5 V2.3.356 Firmware upgrade(T5 Standard Version)
File Size:546.01 KbHits:1685UpdateTime:2016/07/25
T5 Plus(X8) Import and Export Tools
File Size:1.13 MbHits:911UpdateTime:2016/07/20
Export Tools (T5 Elite Version)
File Size:3.19 MbHits:2030UpdateTime:2016/02/15
T5 Elite Version Software Operation Manual
File Size:455.54 KbHits:2490UpdateTime:2015/07/17
T5 Standard Version Software Operation Manual
File Size:1.04 MbHits:3266UpdateTime:2015/06/26
HJ21 Bluetooth Wearable Ring Barcode scanner
File Size:4.44 MbHits:496UpdateTime:2015/04/10
X5 Import and Export Tools(X5 Invoicing Version)
File Size:2.81 MbHits:182UpdateTime:2015/03/11
X5 Import and Export Tools(X5 Standard Version)
File Size:2.80 MbHits:204UpdateTime:2015/03/11
Import and Export Tools (T5 Standard Version)
File Size:2.12 MbHits:1155UpdateTime:2014/10/09
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