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H6010 Handheld Data Terminal

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  • Symbologies:
  • Interface:- Support for one-dimensional or two-dimensional bar code scanning
    - Optional RFID functionality
    - The perfect fusion of the advantages of a powerful platform Android4.0 system
    - User-friendly interface, multi-point capacitive touch screen
    - Industrial grade high strength silicone body wrap, optional IP54 protection grade, high durability, high reliability
    - Rich hardware configuration, support Wifi and 3G wireless communication anytime, anywhere network access
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       Keeping up with the pace of technological progress Heroje, Google's Android operating system into the AIDC (Automatic Identification Data Collection) industry, introduced a new hand-held data terminal Heroje6010 series. Android platform is already the largest mobile intelligent terminal operating system on this platform is easy to develop applications applicability strong, very good to meet a variety of complex data processing in the AIDC industry, data collection, preservation, retrieval and real-time data updates and other business needs. 

       Heroje in the characteristics of FMCG industry, the introduction of body thinner, smarter, bigger screen (4.0 inch), support for 3G (WCDMA optional), GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth and other wireless communication mode, via wireless LAN or 3G networks handle all types of data in real-time exchange of quick access to web, send and receive e-mail. Comes with a 5 million pixel digital camera, ready to take pictures, get the important work of the picture, and real-time save and upload. 
       H6010 Android handheld terminal with high performance scan engine that can quickly remotely read all kinds of standard one-dimensional or two-dimensional bar code. Humanized operation interface, high-definition 4.0-inch LCD display and capacitive touch screen, can make you easily manage all types of complex applications. H6010 large battery capacity, can long life. Configure 3.5mm stereo headset, microSD memory card expansion, so that your investment in equipment for maximum effectiveness.
Performance Parameters
Processor: CortexA 9 1.0GHz 
Memory: Mobile DDR 1GB 
Operating System: Android 4.2 
Memory: Built-in 4GB; external MicroSD expansion, maximum support to 32GB 
Display: 4.0-inch TFT (800 × 480) full view HD 
Touch screen: capacitive screen (touch support 5:00) 
Press the button: 19Keys (including left and right buttons) 
Communication Module: WIFI-802.11b / 802.11g / 802.11n 
                                         Bluetooth - support 2.0 and above 
                                         GPS- Built-in GPS (optional), support for A-GPS (optional) 
                                         3G- support GSM, 3G (optional) 
RFID read and write capabilities: 13.56MHzNFC (optional) 
Expansion device (optional): Headphones -3.5mm socket, four-in (compatible three-stage) 
                                           500 Megapixel camera 
                                           Other -LED lights, etc. 
Scanning Parameters
Scan Engine: Standard one-dimensional laser engine (optional 2D laser engine) 
Light Source: 650nm visible laser diode 
Scanning distance: 3-51 (cm) @ 13mil: 100% UPC ~ 90% PCS 
Minimum Resolution: 4mil@Code39/2.5: 1 ~ 80% PCS 
Scan rate: 104 (±) 12 times / sec (two-way) 
Scan angle: 47 ° ± 3 ° or / 35 ° ± 3 ° 
Decoding type: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, ISBN / ISSN, 39 yards, 39 yards (ASCII full code), 32 yards (Italian pharmacy, 39 码 exception), Trioptic 39 yards, cross 25 yards, industrial 25 yards, 25 yards matrix, Codabar (NW7), 128 yards, 93 yards, 11 yards (USD-8), MSI / Plessey, UK / Plessey, UCC / EAN 128, China postal code, China's fiscal code, GS1 DataBar (formerly yes: RSS) series 
Electrical Parameters 
Power supply: external DC5V, compatible with standard USB direct charging 
Battery: 3800mAH lithium battery 
Battery life: Sleep standby - more than five days; Wifi off - more than 15 hours Wifi open - more than eight hours; charging time - less than four hours (external power supply charge) 
Mechanical Parameters
Dimensions: 148mm(L) × 80mm(W) × 22mm(H) 
Weight: about 300 g 
Communication Interface: USB2.0 
Environmental Parameters 
Working temperature: -10 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ 
Humidity: 20% ~ 90% 
Storage temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃
Data Cable
Application Scenarios                                                    

The apparel industry, FMCG, Retail, Supply chain and other industries, The logistics industry (including warehousing, Courier, LTL transportation and other materials), Manufacturing, Fixed assets, Health, Mobile law enforcement, Drug traceability, Food security, Vehicle detection, Ticket inspection