Reading 5x5mm DPM Code for Keyboard Manufacturing

2021-07-01 16:47:34 Alexandra Miller
As the most important tool for mobile office, almost all families will have a desktop computer or notebook, and as its core accessory, the keyboard, has also ushered in various upgrades and optimizations in recent years. As people's demand for laptops is getting higher and higher, not only powerful performance configurations are required, but also cool designs are getting more and more attention.


As a precision instrument, the computer keyboard has very strict requirements for the production and manufacturing of related parts, and the keyboard with rich functions has a complicated manufacturing process. In the production process of such electronic equipment parts, the application of DPM code can be said to be quite extensive. It has larger coding capacity, higher density and better information security, but because of its small surface area, it is not suitable for The performance of the code reader also puts forward more stringent requirements.

Take a well-known domestic keyboard equipment manufacturer as an example. The Apple notebook keyboard produced by this customer needs to upload the code.

  • Laser engraving a size 5*5mm on the metal keyboard, the surface is too reflective and the contrast is low.

  • The reading accuracy rate is high, and the accuracy rate is required to reach 99.9%


HEROJE Solution
In order to optimize barcode recognition performance and improve reading stability, HEROJE provided HM5 series fixed mount code reader to help customer solve the problem of code reading and uploading.




Advantages of HM5 Series

Compact Design for Any Integration Applications
Lightweight and compact, it can be easily embedded in various devices as a barcode reading component.
Abundant Interface and Easy Setting
Ethernet interface communication is very convenient for debugging and use, and it also supports USB/RS232 serial communication to meet a variety of embedded terminal equipment application scenarios.
Flexible Decoding and Accurate Reading

Designed with intelligent image recognition algorithms, it supports complex application scenarios and business functions such as data cropping, superimposition, and prefix and suffix, without the need to purchase additional decoding software. At the same time, it is equipped with multiple sets of changeable light sources, excellent barcode scanning and digital image acquisition functions, and has powerful decoding ability for DPM codes on curved highly reflective surfaces (such codes on metal surfaces).