PCB Code Reading Solutions

2020-01-07 16:21:05 Alexandra Miller

Fixed mount barcode scanner

The printed circuit board (PCB), also known as the "mother of electronic products", is a "bridge" that carries electronic components and connects circuits. From computers as large as to electronic watches, PCBs are used for electrical interaction between components. Even, it can be seen that it plays a great role in the electronic field. With the large-scale popularization of intelligent terminal equipment, the technological development of the PCB industry has also been pushed to a new height. Features such as high density, high integration, and high automation have become the future development trend of PCB products.

An electronic device needs to establish a complete data traceability system from warehousing, production, testing, and outbound, and the traceability of PCB products is the most important part of it. Generally, characters, barcodes, and second signs are marked on the PCB circuit board. Two-dimensional code, etc., better assist PCB boards to realize product traceability. For example: laser radium engraving, silk screen printing, inkjet, stickers, etc. With the increasing demand for coding technology, the detection requirements of PCB and the difficulty of code reading are greatly increased.

Fixed mount barcode scanner

Project Background

A domestic SMT manufacturer adopts the original method of manually recording abnormalities. With the upgrading of the production line, end customers have higher and higher requirements for product traceability, so we came to HEROJE to help solve the problem, how to collect PC boards quickly, efficiently and accurately The 2D code information on the website is uploaded to the MES system to form traceability.


Through the docking with the engineer on site, the customer manually pasted the label-based barcode above 4*4mm on the PCB.
The density of label-based barcodes are low, and inkjet printing sometimes results in different shades of color, or even blurred and incomplete codes.
There will be a certain deviation in the range position of the 2D code manually pasted on the PCB.
Read the moving ultra-small code on the PCB to ensure that the code is read successfully without any missing or misreading.

Fixed mount barcode scanner

HEROJE Solution

After understanding the customer's requirements, HEROJE HM3 series fixed mount code reader can be used to meet the customer's needs through actual measurement, and a plan is given to connect the external three-color alarm light through the photoelectric trigger code reader to read the code, and if it cannot be read, and then reach a cooperation.

Fixed mount barcode scanner