SIM Cards Number OCR Reading Solution

2022-11-15 17:31:52 Alexandra Miller

Recently, a Chinese telecommunications company has adopted HEROJE's HV6 fixed high-performance OCR reader to continuously optimize work efficiency and operational benefits, and bring customers a better consumer experience. The company currently has many delivery outlets across the country and also uses The way HEROJE automated OCR reading equipment reads, creating a new milestone in e-commerce.


Project Backgroud

An e-commerce platform needs to give out about 380,000 SIM cards during the 2 days of the 618 promotional activity. For the convenience of tracing, it is necessary to record the 20-digit number on the phone card. Manual input not only has high error rate but also slow efficiency.



  • The characters are too small, which requires higher performance of the sensor

  • There is a layer of film on the outside of the calling card, which will cause reflection

  • High reading speed requirements, at least 1 second/piece

  • The reading accuracy rate is high, and the accuracy rate is required to reach 99.9%.

Fixed mount barcode scanner


HEROJE Solution

HEROJE's fixed mount OCR reader realizes efficient input. According to the requirements of the project, the HV6 series fixed mount OCR reader is used, the HV6 series OCR reader is integrated in the device, and the characters are read by the marker positioning mode, and the USB is transmitted to the Excel table of the host computer, so that the problem is easily solved.

Fixed mount barcode scanner


Advantages of HV6 Series

1. Large field of view, high precision

It adopts a customized lens with a resolution of 2 million pixels, and has a strong reading ability for tiny codes under the premise of a large field of view.

2. Super reading ability of OCR

Excellent image character scanning and the fifth-generation image processing algorithm have strong reading ability for distorted, reflective, blurred and defaced codes.

3. OCR batch reading ability

One batch read optical character recognition (OCR) reading technology, which can provide advanced and reliable reading results.

4. Offline operation without PC

Powerful hardware support, equipped with AI algorithm, can complete the training and learning of complex OCR characters in 10 minutes.

HV6 Series Applications

Fixed mount barcode scanner

Fixed mount barcode scanner