Go Further Together Create Better Future - HEROJE 2023 New Product Launch&Agent Conference

2022-12-28 16:17:26 李源

 On November 25, 2022, Shenzhen HEROJE's product launch conference and agent conference in South China with the theme of "Going Together and Creating the Future Together" was grandly held in Changfeng Garden Hotel, a four-star hotel in Shiyan, Bao'an District, Shenzhen. More than 100 well-known customer representatives in the field of industrial automation in China and excellent agents of Hejie in South China witnessed the release of many new scientific research products in the field of machine vision and industrial sensing, which aroused enthusiastic responses.


Bring together industry professionals to discuss the future of industry wisdom

At the beginning of the conference, special guest Ms. Liu Yeqiong gave us an opening speech. Ms. Liu mentioned: "HEROJE has been focusing on product development and innovation for a long time, and is committed to applying machine vision technology to all walks of life.经过常年的沉淀积累,合杰厚积薄发,一飞冲天”。作为行业资深人士,刘女士反复强调,她对机器视觉发展前景充满信心,对合杰产品、技术以及为行业所做的贡献予以高度赞扬。与此同时,她还谈到了机器视觉检测在锂电池生产应用中具有很大的增长空间,对机器视觉在锂电、新能源行业应用也十分看好。


A variety of products are on the stage together, demonstrating the strength of HEROJE's self-development

At the press conference, Mr. Yang Tianzhu, the founder of Shenzhen HEROJE, shared with the participants how HEROJE developed from an initial image recognition company to become the most growing domestic brand in the domestic industrial code reading and sensing industry.

Mr. Yang said bluntly: Since Shenzhen HEROJE was officially established in 2014, it has been focusing on the independent self-research of products, the intensive cultivation of market channels and the continuous shaping of brands. Precision, from hardware to software, not only has the most core self-developed image algorithm and excellent optical design ability in the industry, but also has an experienced hardware design, advanced manufacturing and project management team. We have long insisted on empowering products with technology and talents, and achieved full-chain coverage from R&D, manufacturing to sales. We are committed to providing customers with the most competitive solutions, and constantly opening the evolution path of localized leading products.


 In the product testing part of the product launch conference, HEROJE’s new product display area was crowded with everyone, some were experiencing the functional highlights of the new product, some were playing with the details of the product, and some customers brought the project to When we arrived at the press conference, we consulted our engineers for solutions... ...Everyone had heated discussions and exchanges on topics such as HEROJE products and the machine vision industry. Return with a rewarding experience.