Wal-Mart will enable Alipay wallet payment in stores across the country, scan the QR code to pay for 3-second checkout

2023-01-18 14:20:34 zoupeng

According to the "Daily Economic News", Wal-Mart, the supermarket giant, recently announced a cooperation with Alipay, and will enable Alipay wallet payment in all stores in China. And it will be the first to implement the promotion in its 25 stores in Shenzhen.

Alipay scan code payment is a mobile payment solution developed by Alipay for offline physical merchants. When a customer checks out at Wal-Mart, he opens the Alipay wallet on his mobile phone, and the cashier scans the payment code with a barcode scanner to complete the payment. The whole process only takes 3 seconds, which saves the time of looking for change and can go without a wallet. Go shopping in the supermarket. Wal-Mart will also launch exclusive discounts for this access to Alipay Wallet. Starting from May 20th, Alipay and Wal-Mart will also carry out promotions for at least 2 months. Alipay users can enjoy a discount of up to 15 yuan for the first time.

Wal-Mart attaches great importance to this project. Wal-Mart said that an important part of O2O retail experience is mobile payment. More and more customers like to use mobile payment. The cooperation between Wal-Mart and Alipay will meet the needs of these users for mobile payment. In addition, Wal-Mart will also use Alipay's member management, service window and other functions to help Wal-Mart achieve more scientific data-based operations and customer management through Alipay's big data capabilities and O2O solutions, and further reduce operating costs while improving operational efficiency. For example, Alipay can provide Wal-Mart with scientific and accurate analysis of big data, and Wal-Mart can make corresponding business decisions based on the analyzed data according to the behavior preferences, consumption preferences, living radius, and credit ratings of different groups of people. Then optimize the original operation strategy and improve the overall efficiency.

Fixed mount barcode scanner

Recently, the O2O business model has emerged. Customers place orders online and checkout offline through Alipay wallets on their mobile phones. Supermarket retail enterprises and Alipay are becoming a trend. Mobile payment, an emerging payment method, is also rapidly gaining popularity. At the end of April, Carrefour and China Resources Vanguard announced the access to Alipay. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 80 supermarket chains, including Carrefour, Century Lianhua, China Resources Vanguard, CISTO, 7-Eleven, Shizu, Haode, Wuhan Zhongbai, etc., have already connected to Alipay.

The rise of mobile payments presents both an opportunity and a challenge for companies in the automatic identification industry. Traditional laser barcode scanners do not support scanning one-dimensional barcodes on mobile phone screens, and currently there are not many one-dimensional scanners that support scanning barcodes on mobile phone screens. This is undoubtedly a huge challenge for companies that master image-based barcode scanning technology. opportunity. For traditional laser scanner manufacturers, this is a huge challenge.