China's automation market inventory|2020

2023-01-10 18:52:18 zoupeng

In 2020, the sudden outbreak of the new crown epidemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the global automation industry. Under the epidemic situation, Chinese automation manufacturers actively responded to market changes, quickly found new opportunities in the crisis, and achieved the "world's only" positive growth in market growth. MIR Rui Industry has studied the Chinese automation market for a long time. Relying on its rich market analysis experience, it will select the top ten events of China's automation industry in 2020 for you, and review the first year of the development of China's automation market with you.

1. The mask machine dividend brought by the epidemic is mainly shared by local Chinese manufacturers

In the first half of 2020, Chinese local automation manufacturers quickly responded to market changes, and the mask machine dividends brought about by the epidemic were mainly eaten by Chinese local manufacturers. The demand for mask machines has actively boosted the performance of PLC, servo and other automation products of domestic manufacturers such as Inovance Technology, Wuxi Xinjie, and Hechuan.

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2. In automation equipment manufacturing, 3C, logistics, electronic semiconductor, and lithium battery industries are growing rapidly

In 2020, the growth rate of the automation equipment manufacturing industry will turn positive year-on-year, reaching 16%, which has played an important role in driving the growth of the overall automation market. The main reason is that the 3C, logistics, electronic semiconductor, and lithium battery industries in the emerging equipment manufacturing industry are hardly affected by the epidemic, and maintain rapid growth throughout the year; in the traditional equipment manufacturing industry, construction machinery, HVAC, tissue machinery, pharmaceutical machinery and other industries are affected Accelerated investment in facilities and driven by demand for anti-epidemic materials led to a better year-on-year growth rate.

3. The performance of the automation end-user industry in 2020 is divided

Although the growth rate of the overall automation end-user market in 2020 will turn negative year-on-year, the municipal and public facilities, new energy vehicles, and metallurgical industries will achieve positive growth.

In order to stimulate economic growth, investment in infrastructure is accelerated, which stimulates the growth of the municipal and public facilities industries.

New energy vehicles have become an important force driving the recovery of the auto industry. From January to November 2020, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China was 1.109 million, a year-on-year increase of 3.9%.

Metallurgy is specifically divided into iron and steel metallurgy and nonferrous metallurgy. From January to November 2020, China's cumulative steel output was 1,202.03 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 7.0%; from January to November 2020, China's output of ten non-ferrous metals was 56.32 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 4.6%.

Growth of automation products in various end-user industries in 2019-2020:

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