Henan Province further standardizes commodity barcodes, and the new regulations will be implemented in September

2023-01-18 14:21:14 zoupeng

Yesterday, according to Henan Province Quality Supervision Bureau came the news. The "Measures for the Administration of Commodity Barcodes in Henan Province" will come into effect on September 1. The promulgation of the "Measures" aims to further solve the common problems of non-standard use and low printing quality of commodity barcodes in Henan Province. Standardize the management of commodity barcodes and promote the application of commodity barcodes.

We are no strangers to product barcodes. Commodity barcode refers to the conversion of the digital code representing commodity information into a mark composed of a group of bars, spaces and corresponding characters arranged according to certain rules, which is used to represent the commodity classification code. Commodity barcode is the "common language" of commodity circulation in the market, also known as the "identity card" of commodity.

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Commodity barcodes, as an advanced automatic identification technology, have been widely used in the fields of production management, warehousing and logistics management, commodity circulation settlement, and product traceability. However, due to various reasons, many commodity barcodes in Henan Province have irregular printing and use problems, and even some important products related to human health are not marked with commodity barcodes. These deficiencies bring disadvantages to the crowd of different stages. For end consumer groups, it is not conducive to the quality tracking and tracing of such products. In production, warehousing and circulation, non-standard or unmarked barcodes are not conducive to scientific management by enterprises using automatic identification technologies such as barcode scanners. In the final product settlement process, if the printed barcode is not standardized, it will often be difficult or even impossible to scan with an ordinary barcode scanner. In this regard, the Henan Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau cooperated with the Provincial Government's Legal Affairs Office, based on the actual local conditions, and drew on the advanced experience of other regions to formulate the "Henan Provincial Commodity Barcode Management Measures". The method stipulates that various products such as food, cigarettes, medicine, clothing, electrical appliances, daily necessities, furniture, and decorative materials produced in Henan Province and closely related to people's lives must use commodity barcodes, and the printing quality of the barcodes should comply with national regulations standard.

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