HEROJE launches photosensitive bluetooth scanner H286

2017-05-18 14:24:19 zoupeng

HEROJE newly launched H286 photosensitive Bluetooth scanner. It can scan mobile phone screens, computer screens, Bluetooth connection supports all Android phones, Apple phones, Apple PAD, no need to enter a password, no need to install drivers, plug and play. It has all the advantages of a photosensitive scanner: it can scan distorted barcodes, incomplete and deformed barcodes. For projects and orders, H286 Bluetooth photosensitive scanner is your first choice!

This Bluetooth wireless scanner is also widely used in medical and mobile payment fields.

Fixed mount barcode scanner

Fixed mount barcode scanner

 Compared with traditional scanner equipment, Bluetooth scanners are more convenient and practical to use. The Bluetooth scanner directly transmits the scanned data to mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets through Bluetooth. Through the Bluetooth receiving terminal (such as: mobile phone, tablet and other devices) APP software, it can quickly and conveniently process the data sent by the Bluetooth scanner. At present, portable Bluetooth scanners have been widely used in various commercial receipt printing fields such as supermarkets, catering, retail, express delivery, etc., bringing great convenience to our work and life. After a long period of accumulation, our company has developed and produced a variety of Bluetooth scanning devices to meet the needs of users in various application scenarios. Welcome to consult and cooperate!

 Fixed mount barcode scanner           Fixed mount barcode scanner            Fixed mount barcode scanner