Manual Focus Code Reader TINY Series

Tiny series is a ultra compact fixed-mount barcode reader, which is HEORJE 6th generation product launched in 2022, combining HEROJE's patented lighting design and 5th generation algorithm.Two group controllable lighting and customized lens deliver optimal image formation for codes on high-reflective, noisy, shiny, round or specular surfaces. Built-in 2-Core processor makes reading fast-moving 1D linear and 2D codes simple. It's ideal barcode reader for electronics, automotive, new-energy, F&B, FMCG industries applications.

Manual Focus Compact Code Reader

TINY Series

Fixed mount barcode scanner

TINY series is the 6th generation of compact fixed barcode reader, which combines HEROJE's patented light source design and latest decoding algorithm.

TINY series has excellent performance in code reading applications in the fields of industrial automation and logistics automation. Specially for various DPM codes including highly reflective metal engraved codes and tiny laser engraved codes, logistics label codes, etc.

In addition, TINY series realizes flexible matching of optical lenses through smart structural design, and can provide customers with the best code-reading lens configurations tailored to customers' usage scenarios on site. The compact design can meet the installation and use requirements of various automation equipments. These unprecedented new features will make the device an ideal solution for industrial code reading applications.


Fixed mount barcode scanner

Metal Parts

Fixed mount barcode scanner

PCB Board

Fixed mount barcode scanner

Auto Parts

Product Features/Advantages

Fixed mount barcode scanner

Compact design:

Lightweight and compact, it can be easily embedded in various devices as a barcode reading component.

Fixed mount barcode scanner

2-core high-speed computing power:

Tiny series barcode reader has a built-in 2-core high-speed processor enables to run algorithms and processes in parallel, delivers 2 time the decoding performance of conventional readers.And ensures high read rate of 1D, 2D codes. Excellent for high speed applications and capable of reading up to 2 mils code resolution.

Fixed mount barcode scanner

Ethernet interface communication:

It supports network port communication, which is very convenient for debugging and use, and meets a variety of embedded terminal device application scenarios.

Fixed mount barcode scanner

High Visibility LED Aimer:

Non-laser aiming provides precise scan directions, creating a user-friendly operating environment while eliminating the risk of eye injury.

Fixed mount barcode scanner

Group controllable lighting:

Two-group controllable high-power red and white LEDs lighting is suitable for long range reading, and effective in DPM code reading on flat surface with matching flaw.

Fixed mount barcode scanner

High protection class:

Up to IP64 industrial protection level, suitable for various harsh application environments.





Long-range type

Wider-field type

Light Receiver

Number of pixels

1280 x 1080


CMOS Image Sensor (Gobal shutter)

Light emitter

Light Source

Multi-group Controllable High intensity LED (Red Light, White Light)

Pointer light source


                                    Focus adjustment

Manuel Focus

Reading specifications

Supported symbols

1D codes

EAN13,EAN8,UPC-A,UPC-E, Code128,Code39,Code93,Code32,I25,D25,Code11,MIS,DataBar,CodaBar, Pharmacode etc

2D codes

QR, MicroQR, PDF417, MicroPDF417, DataMatrix, GS1 DataMatrix etc

Minimum resolution

1D codes

0.0762 mm

2D codes

0.127 mm

Reading contrast


Reading depth of field

20 mm to 1200 mm

20 mm to 800 mm

Reading field of view

65 x 55 mm (Typical example at 300mm)

170 x 140 mm (Typical example at 300mm)

I/O specifications

Control input

Number of inputs

2 (Default cable accessories is 1 input)

Input type

1 IN (Optocoupler isolation)

Maximum rating

26.4 V

Minimum ON voltage

5 V

Maximum OFF current

5 uA or lower

Control output

Number of outputs

1  (Default cable accessories is 1 output)

Output type

1 OUT (Optocoupler isolation)

Maximum rating

40 V

Maximum load current

500 mA

Leakage current when OFF

100 mA or lower

Residual voltage when ON

0.13 V or lower


Communication standard

IEEE802.3 100BASE-TX

Supported protocols

Raw, Modbus-TCP, TCP, UDP

Serial communication

Communication standard


Supported speed

2400, 4800, 9600, 14400, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 bps

Supported protocols

Raw, Modbus-RTU


Communication standard

USB2.0High Speed, USB 1.1 Full Speed

Supported protocols


Environmental resistance

Enclosure rating


Operating ambient temperature

-5 to +65

Ambient storage temperature

-20 to +70

Operating ambient humidity

35%RH to 85% RH (No condensation)

Ambient storage humidity

35%RH to 85% RH (No condensation)

Ambient light

Sunlight: 10000 lux, Incandescent lamp: 6000 lux, Fluorescent lamp: 2000 lux

Operating environment

No dust or corrosive gas present

Vibration resistance

10 to 55 Hz Double amplitude 0.75 mm, 3 hours each in X, Y and Z directions


Power voltage

12 V to 24 V DC

Electric current consumption

Approx. 800 mA


54.8 x 24 x 45.3mm

54.8 x 24 x 39.6mm


78 g

71.1 g


Fixed mount barcode scannerFixed mount barcode scanner
  • TINY-S-130

  • Long-range type

  • 1.3 million pixels, Manual-Focus, Polarized light, Ethernet

  • TINY-S-130W

  • Wider-field type

  • 1.3 million pixels, Manual-Focus, Polarized light, Ethernet


Fixed mount barcode scannerFixed mount barcode scannerFixed mount barcode scanner
  • CAB-HJ-A17T5N40PW2C7

  • I/O Ethernet cable 5m

  • CAB-HJ-A17D-5N040PWR

  • Ethernet cable 5m

  • WTA36- 2401500-C

  • 24V Power adapter


Fixed mount barcode scanner

Fixed mount barcode scanner 

Fixed mount barcode scanner 

Fixed mount barcode scanner 




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