Code Reading Solution for Home Appliance Parts

2022-08-18 16:48:14 Alexandra Miller

With the popularization of smart technology, the consumption of home appliances has ushered in the era of "lazy people". It is no joke that vacuum cleaners are one of the home appliances that bring people the happiest sense of happiness. The pursuit of quality continues to improve, and devices such as cordless vacuum cleaners and floor sweepers that can help people reduce labor pressure have become more and more popular in recent years. Because of this, the home appliance market has ushered in a new height of development, and major electrical appliance factories are constantly increasing their vacuum cleaner production capacity.

When it comes to the production of vacuum cleaners, product data traceability and identification collection are essential links in the production process. A well-known large domestic electrical company has an annual output value of 3 billion yuan, of which vacuum cleaners are growing at an average annual rate of 40%, and they have been the best sellers in the industry for many years. Therefore, there is a certain demand for product traceability solutions. Recently, they found HEROJE to solve the problem of product traceability.

Fixed mount barcode scanner


The 3.5*3.5mm QR code on the metal iron post on the top of the vacuum cleaner motor is relatively blurred. The code reading environment faces interference such as oil, texture, and large surface noise, and the code reading rate is extremely high.

Fixed mount barcode scannerFixed mount barcode scanner

HEROJE Solution

The solution uses HEROJE's HM6 series industrial fixed mount code reader, which has powerful decoding capabilities, and successfully helps customers solve the problem of reading failure caused by the characteristic of barcode noise on metal parts, effectively improving the traceability management level of the production site, production data, inventory Manage visualization.
Fixed mount barcode scanner
Fixed mount barcode scanner