EV Battery Code Reading Solutions

2022-08-16 16:06:04 Alexandra Miller

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As the darling of the new era, new energy vehicles are the focus of strategic development in many countries. According to the latest data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China in the first half of 2022 will be 2.661 million, an increase of more than 120% year-on-year, and the cumulative output of power batteries will reach 206.4GWh, an increase of 176.4% year-on-year. As the penetration rate of new energy vehicles continues to increase, the demand for batteries such as solid-state batteries, lithium batteries, and sodium-ion batteries is also rising. Facing the huge market space in the future, major manufacturers have also joined the wave of battery production expansion to meet the strong market demand.

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The new energy vehicle industry has strict requirements on the production safety of batteries, and the quality control and testing requirements are becoming more stringent. There are also multiple production and testing pain points, and the demand for corresponding testing equipment has also increased sharply. As a leading company in barcode reading in China, based on years of rich experience in barcode traceability applications, HEROJE industrial DPM code readers enable new energy battery code reading applications in the production process of new energy batteries.

The Ink-printed DPM Code on Cylindrical Batteries

Requirements: After the cylindrical battery is produced and formed, it is packaged and sealed, and the Data Matrix code on each battery is read; the battery needs to be rotated by a roller to read the Data Matrix code on site.

Challenges: Data Matrix codes are curved on the battery, the rollers spin fast, and the contrast is low.

Application Effect: Data Matrix code on cylindrical battery is read stably, and the code reading rate reaches more than 99.5%.
Application Highlights: Dynamic code reading, low contrast, code shape distortion.
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02 The Laser-printed DPM Code on Square EV Battery
Requirements: Lithium batteries are required to identify the 2D code on the lithium battery before leaving the factory for product traceability management.
Challenges: Reflective, brushed metal and low contrast, fully testing the performance and stability of code reading.

Application Effect: Stable identification of 2D codes, with a reading rate of over 99.6%.
Application Highlights: Low contrast, multiple light sources, stable recognition.

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03 The Ink-Printed DPM Code on Pouch Battery and Shaped Battery

Requirements: Before the soft pack battery leaves the factory, it is required to identify the 2D code on the battery and upload it to the MES system for entry and binding.

Challenge: The surface of the pouch battery package is made of aluminum-plastic film, which has strong reflective properties. The packaging material is soft, and the surface will have wrinkles and distortions to varying degrees.

Application Effect: stable identification of 2D codes, with a reading rate of over 99.7%.

Application Highlights: overcome reflection, multiple light sources, stable recognition.

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    Fixed mount barcode scanner
04 The Laser-printed DPM Code on Button Battery

Challenges: Inconsistencies in print quality, reflective products on the surface, and extremely small sizes.

Application Effect: 2D code is recognized stably, and the code reading rate is over 99.7%.

Application Highlights: High-reflective decoding, high-density tiny code, stable recognition.

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HEROJE Solutions
In order to cope with the more demanding application of DPM barcode reading on the storage side of finished lithium batteries, HEROJE has optimized and upgraded its technical solutions and product performance.

HEROJE industrial fixed mount code reader HRX series, equipped with high-resolution sensors, provides red/white light source to meet the barcode reading needs of different background colors and materials; it is equipped with automatic control of polarizing filter, which can realize the effect of automatic polarization, Realize high-quality reflective scene reading; excellent mobile adaptability and large field of view customized lens, covering multi-code scanning range, can efficiently complete mobile code reading, very small code and multi-code reading.

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HEROJE industrial hand-held code reader H296 series, with industrial DPM algorithm for metal processing in automobile manufacturing, has a strong decoding ability for radium engraved codes, etched codes, and punched codes; rich lighting systems can meet different materials (such as reflective) , shape (curved surface), wire drawing and other complex scanning requirements; the intelligent light source switching function can automatically adjust the light source type according to the decoding effect.

In the metal auto parts industry, in addition to general laser-etched codes, H296 Series has a particularly clear advantage.

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