HEROJE Assists Industry Upgrading and Empowers IVD

2022-10-04 17:44:02 Alexandra Miller

Empowering IVD, HEROJE Assists Industrial Upgrading

In recent years, with the rapid development of the IVD industry, full-volume high-speed and automation have become the top priority for various medical equipment manufacturers.


HEROJE IVD vision sensors and code readers are mainly applied in the in vitro diagnostic instrument industry through machine vision and deep learning, aiming to help IVD instruments improve the efficiency and accuracy of sample management and realize efficient management of laboratory automation platforms, including one-dimensional and two-dimensional Code reading and sample test tube type identification, test tube determination, sample test tube cap color analysis and liquid level identification, serum quality analysis, code reading and image synchronization real-time acquisition, etc.


At present, the test tube information management of IVD in vitro diagnostic equipment in the medical industry all uses barcode information collection technology.

In vitro diagnostics (IVDs) are tests that can detect diseases, conditions and infections. In vitro just means "in glass," which means these tests are usually done in test tubes and similar devices, not tests done in vivo.


In vitro testing can be performed in a laboratory, a healthcare facility, or even at home. The tests themselves can be performed on a variety of instruments, from small hand-held tests to complex laboratory equipment. They allow doctors to diagnose effectively and work to provide appropriate treatment. The collection, circulation, testing, preservation and destruction of samples all require precise tracking.

If the processing of information during circulation still relies on the traditional manual counting and manual recording of information, it is not only inefficient and inaccurate, but also hinders the realization of automation, which can no longer meet the needs of large-scale automated and efficient analysis. Therefore, after using a fixed barcode reader, no manual operation is required, and the information in the barcode can be automatically read when the test tube or kit with the barcode passes through the effective scanning area of the scanner.


For test tubes in medical equipment, fully automatic code scanning without manual intervention can be achieved; for manually transferred medical test tubes, it can also naturally pass through the effective scanning range of a fixed scanner on the moving route to complete Scan action.


As an enterprise dedicated to R&D and production of visual sensors and code readers, HEROJE has more than 10 years of industry experience and has won unanimous praise from customers for its excellent strength. HEROJE's fixed code reader has a reading speed of up to 1000 scans/second , including field integrated bus interface, residual code identification, modular design, synchronous image transfer function and other features, to meet the complex medical needs.

HEROJE provides rich and stable visual sensors and code readers, providing cutting-edge assistance for the realization of laboratory automation and medical automation.