Efficient Reading of Tire Linear Codes and OCR Characters In the Automotive Industry

2022-10-04 14:52:32 Alexandra Miller

As tires go through multiple locations, plants, cities or countries during their life cycle, accurate tire identification is critical to managing compliance, work in process, sorting and routing, and quality control, which is critical to tire Manufacturer's basic requirements. In order to achieve strict control over all production processes from receiving raw materials to final assembly and distribution, tire companies need reliable barcode reading solutions and equipment for inspection.

However, code reading in the tire industry is a very difficult task requiring all-round code reading. Failure to apply correct and effective scanning technology will result in lost productivity, additional manual processing, and additional compliance management. cost.



The code is pasted within any range inside the tire radius, which is relatively small and narrow! It is required to have a strong reading ability for tiny codes when the reading range of the code reading equipment is large!



During the production process, the barcode will have problems such as wear, stains, distortion and damage, and low contrast, resulting in a decrease in the quality of the code!



The code reader needs to be able to accurately read codes at any angle during motion!                                          


HEROJE Solution
HM6 Series
Wider Field of View

With a customized lens and a resolution of 2 million pixels, it has a strong reading ability for tiny codes under the premise of a large field of view, helping tires to perform barcode detection in any range on the production line.

High-Speed Code Reading

It not only supports manual and auto focus, but also suport long-distance code reading, which can solve the problems of different barcode positions and different angles during the high-speed movement of tires on the production line.

Powerful DPM Decode Capacity

Excellent code reading and digital image acquisition functions, it has strong reading ability for distorted, low-contrast, blurred and stained codes.

OCR Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) reading technology for advanced, reliable reading results.