Drug Supervision Code Entry and Exit Code Reading Solution

2022-10-03 16:37:07 Alexandra Miller

Pharmaceutical products are highly regulated commodities. In the use of packaging, the 2D code on pharmaceutical packaging plays a vital role in ensuring consumer safety and commodity anti-counterfeiting, such as covering a large amount of information and data, ensuring the legality and legality of drugs. Standardization and safety, effectively reducing the cost of retrospective tracking of product problems.

HEROJE drug packaging code reading solution tracks and records all important links of drug packaging, establishes one-to-one data association, and realizes the collection of basic information for the traceability of the entire process of drug production.

Challenges of Reading Code:

1. The size of different drug packaging boxes is not fixed, and there is a distance difference.

2. The outer box packaging station needs to read the codes of all the small boxes of medicines in the box at a time, which requires a large read field.

3. The installation space is limited, and the reading distance is long.

4. There is no record of drug production information, and it is difficult to trace back.

HEROJE Solution:

1. Special lens specially developed for application scenarios with large depth of field, the maximum depth of field supports ±200mm.

2. Realize super-large field of view code reading through high resolution, increase the field of view coverage of a single code reader by more than 50%, and use fewer code readers to cover a larger area.

3. The Ultra algorithm combined with ultra-high-resolution image reconstruction technology is specially optimized for reading extremely small codes, and can stably read barcodes with lower resolution from a long distance.

Drug packaging code reading solution

1. Production line code reading

HEROJE smart code reader is installed on the side of the assembly line, and the drug is transported through the production line to the detection area of the smart code reader to quickly and automatically read the code on the drug. Model recommendation: HRX series


2. Packages Code Reading

Install the HEROJE smart code reader above the production line, and transport the complete drug machine through the assembly line to the detection area of the smart barcode reader to automatically read codes on packages with different height. Model recommendation: WL02 series

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