Rights protection and anti-counterfeiting statement

2015-12-01 18:00:26 zoupeng


We have received feedback from users that the Bluetooth printers and other products purchased on Taobao and Alibaba cannot be used normally recently, and they are suspected to be counterfeit products of our company.

 After identification by our company, we found that unscrupulous merchants sold our Hejie brand products Taobao and Alibaba stores.

 Solemnly declare as follows:

1. Users who have purchased suspected counterfeit products from our company can contact our company's after-sales service center. Our company can issue an identification certificate with an official seal so that users can claim compensation from the seller.

 2. Users who have purchased counterfeit products, please submit the purchase information to the staff of our company's after-sales service center, and our company will entrust intellectual property lawyers to crack down on counterfeiting.

 3. When purchasing, please be sure that the printer products produced by our company since December this year all have new anti-counterfeiting marks, and those without this mark can be regarded as counterfeit products. (see logo below)

 4. Our company's after-sales service center only accepts the warranty and technical consultation of our company's products, and cannot provide technical support for non-our company's products.

At the same time, warn unscrupulous merchants that today, with the increasing improvement of national laws and regulations, imitation and sales of imitation and infringing products will be punished by law! Our company has submitted to the industry and commerce and relevant law enforcement agencies to protect rights according to law, pursue legal responsibility and corresponding economic compensation!

                                                                             SHENZHEN HEROJE ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD



The printer series products produced by our company are all affixed with anti-counterfeiting labels. Consumers are requested to look for the following anti-counterfeiting labels to avoid buying imitation and infringing products.

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