Holiday notification of Spring Festival 2016

2016-01-23 17:26:35 zoupeng


Fixed mount barcode scanner

As the Spring Festival of 2016 is approaching, all colleagues in HEROJE Company wish everyone a happy New Year, happy family, good health and good luck in everything!

In order to celebrate the Spring Festival, according to national regulations and combined with our company's specific situation, our company's Spring Festival holiday schedule is as follows:

From February 4, 2016 to February 14, 2016, we will resume normal work on February 15.



23th, Jan, 2016


Pay special attention to the relevant matters as follows:

Partners, agents, and branch offices:

        The receiving time for maintenance and warranty service ends on January 25th, and all repair parts, warranty service parts and warranty parts before that will be sent out on January 29th. Please pay attention to the outage time of the local courier and check the package in time.

Partner technical support for each project and bidding:

        Deadline is January 29. If you have urgent technical support requirements, please contact the relevant colleagues in the warranty service department by mobile phone.

Goods delivery and dispatch:

        The deadline for receiving orders is January 25th. All orders that have been returned and signed will be sent out before January 29th. Please pay attention to the outage time of local express delivery, and check and pay attention in time.