HEROJE 2014 new product---MINI data collectors

2014-02-26 17:13:26 zoupeng

HEROJE released its first new product of 2014 on January 20, 2014, a new generation of MINI data collectors.

The new data collector is easy to carry, powerful, and has data collection, data storage and management, and data instant transmission functions.

It can be connected to terminals such as computers, mobile phones, and tablets through USB and Bluetooth interfaces, and data can be exchanged without installing drivers. It is easy to use. Compatible with various mobile phones and computer devices such as Android, Apple, PC, etc., no need to install any drivers.

It can be used as an independent data collector to realize the one-dimensional barcode collection and recording function, and it can also be used together with various data management software on computers, mobile phones, tablets and other terminals.