Alipay wallet accelerates offline popularization, 130,000 stores across the country support Alipay payment

2014-05-14 20:25:28 zoupeng

According to the latest news from the Economic Daily, Alipay released the latest version 9.0 today. It took Alipay nearly 8 years to turn a tool into an application. It took another 2 years to transform into a payment platform. In the next few years, Alipay will penetrate into many areas of life, such as shopping, financial planning, and communication, and become a one-stop platform centered on individuals.

Yesterday, Alipay disclosed for the first time its coverage of offline payments in the supermarket, catering, transportation, medical and other industries. Statistics show that as of the end of June this year, more than 130,000 offline stores have connected to Alipay wallet payment, and more than 900,000 taxis and special cars can use Alipay wallet to pay.

According to data from iResearch, more than 80% of the domestic mobile payment market share is occupied by Alipay wallet. The data released by Alipay also reflects that mobile payment has entered a period of rapid popularization in China in the past two years.

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With the development of O2O business model and mobile payment technology, offline merchants began to access Alipay in 2013. After more than two years of penetration, Alipay wallet has gradually become one of the mainstream payment methods for consumers and merchants in offline transactions. Today, more than 130,000 shops and 900,000 taxis and special cars across the country have accepted Alipay payment. Whether in shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, coffee shops or traveling by car, users only need to open the Alipay wallet to scan the payment code for the merchant, and the payment can be completed in one second, no need to prepare change, and colleagues also save a lot of money time.

Fixed mount barcode scanner

Barcode payment is an on-site payment solution provided by Alipay for offline merchants. It solves the two major problems of scanning QR code payment before: First, it solves the potential safety hazard of easy information leakage when using mobile phone QR code scanning. The use of a one-dimensional red light scanner to scan barcodes avoids this potential risk problem. The second is to solve the problem that the current market price of QR code scanning guns is too high, which is difficult for merchants to accept, and it is difficult for Alipay to promote offline. And WeChat Pay also launched the function of one-dimensional barcode payment before.

 HEROJE (0755-33141696) launched the new H220 series Alipay scanner (WeChat payment scanner), based on the H119 red light scanner, it has further improved the Alipay (WeChat) payment code (on the mobile phone screen) One-dimensional barcode) decoding performance, and at the same time have good sensitivity to common commodity barcodes, express delivery bills, and self-printing barcodes. At the same time, ODM and OEM services are provided for customers to choose to develop and customize. It is a high-quality choice for Alipay offline promotion service providers and merchants Alipay (WeChat) collection.