• Success Customer Story _Reading DPM Codes on Moving PCB

    In the electronic PCB industry, the process of reading codes is a crucial step in ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of the manufacturing process. This step typically involves the use of code reading equipment, such as barcode scanners or fixed code readers, to capture and interpret the unique codes and identification markings on the PCB boards.

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    09-09 / 2023

  • Success Customer Story _Solving Precise Code Reading for Lens Manufacturer

    During the lens production process, manufacturer faced an important problem that the two-dimensional code needs to be read accurately during the rotation process to ensure the stability and accuracy of the production process. To improve productivity, the lens manufacturer needed a solution with more stability and accuracy for reading DPM code on black cylindrical lenses during the rotation process. Follow us to learn how Heroje advanced TINY series code readers achieved this application.

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    08-22 / 2023

  • Success Customer Story _ Optimize Read Code on PCB on Move Using HM270

    During the PCB manufacturing process, variations in code size and printing can lead to difficulties such as lost or unstable reading, resulting in costly delays. To improve productivity, manufacturer needed a solution with more efficiency and accuracy for reading DPM code on PCB on move. Read our customer story to find out how the easy-to-use Heroje HM270 code reader achieved this application

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    07-15 / 2023

  • Success Customer Story_Reading 0.2x0.2mm Code on The OLED Cover Glass

    To improve productivity, battery manufacturer needed a solution with more efficiency and accuracy solution for reading 0.2mmx0.2mm code marked on the cover glass. The manufacturer selected Heroje fixed code readers, and asked customized a solution for this project to make stable and reliable code reading.

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    07-07 / 2023

  • How to Improve Reading Rate for Battery Manufacturing Process with Heroje HRX series Code Reader

    Recently, a well-known lithium-ion battery manufacturer was asking HEROJE for a better code reading solution for the battery winding process. Please check below for details on the solutions Heroje offers.

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    07-01 / 2023

  • China's automation market inventory|2020

    2020年,突如其来的新冠疫情,给全球自动化行业都带来了前所未有的挑战。疫情之下,中国自动化厂商积极应对市场变化,在危机中迅速寻找到了新机遇,市场增速实现了“全球唯一“正增长。MIR 睿工业长期研究中国自动化市场,依托丰富的市场分析经验,为您选取2020年中国自动化行业十大事件,与您一起回顾中国自动化市场的发展元年。一、疫情带来的口罩机红利主要被中国本土厂商吃掉2020上半年,中国本土自动化厂商快

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    01-10 / 2023

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