Success Customer Story _ Optimize Read Code on PCB on Move Using HM270

2023-07-15 18:58:43 Michael

Reliable Reading Codes on PCB on Move

Fixed mount barcode scanner

In the electronic PCB industry, the process of reading codes is a crucial step in ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of the manufacturing process. This step typically involves the use of code reading equipment, such as barcode scanners or fixed code readers, to capture and interpret the unique codes and identification markings on the PCB boards.


The code reading process can occur at different stages of the PCB manufacturing process, depending on the specific requirements and regulations of the industry. For example, it may take place during the incoming inspection of raw materials, at the end of the production line to check for defects and errors, or during the packaging and labeling of the finished products.


Regardless of the stage, the goal of the code reading process is to accurately identify and track each PCB board as it moves through the production line, ensuring the quality and integrity of the final product. By using state-of-the-art code reading technology, the electronic PCB industry can stay ahead of the competition and deliver high-quality products to their customers.


Solving PCB Code Reading Challenges with HEROJE's HM270 Series code reader.


Reading codes in the electronic PCB industry can be a challenging task due to several reasons. Firstly, the codes are usually laser-engraved onto the surface of PCB boards, which makes it difficult to read. Secondly, the speed of production lines can vary, which can affect the ability of code readers to capture and decode the information accurately. Additionally, the codes are often small in size, which adds an extra layer of difficulty in ensuring that the right code is being read. Furthermore, the environment in which the code readers are used, such as high levels of light or dust, can impact their ability to accurately read the codes. All of these factors combined can make reading codes in the electronic PCB industry a difficult task, but with the use of high-quality, reliable code readers, it is possible to overcome these challenges and achieve accurate and consistent results.

Project Overview
  • Industry: Electronics Manufacturing

  • Application: Read five DPM codes in parallel on PCB at 30cm/sec on assembly line.

  • Challenges: 5x5mm code size, Laser-engraved DPM code, Low-contrast code, 30cm/sec speed manufacturing line, 95% above reading rate required, 5 codes in parallel on the PCB.

HEROJE Solution

Solving PCB Code Reading Challenges with HEROJE's HM270 Series Industrial Code Reader.


HM270 Series is a fixed-mount code reader that offers a cutting-edge solution for the challenges faced in the electronic PCB industry. The sixth-generation product features the latest algorithms and advanced lighting technology, with a 100-megapixel CMOS sensor providing improved accuracy and high-performance DPM code reading capabilities. This reader is designed to work at high speeds, with the ability to continuously read up to 5 closely spaced DPM engraved codes on PCB boards moving at 30cm/s. The rugged space-magnesium alloy housing delivers strong heat dissipation ensure stability and longevity even under demanding conditions. The ultra compact design makes it can be easily integrated into any existing production lines.

Fixed mount barcode scannerFixed mount barcode scanner