• Success Customer Story_Reading DPM Code on LCD Screen in Manufacturing Processing

    Manufacturer was seeking for a cost-effective solution for stable and high-rate reading DPM code on the LCD screen in manufacturing processing to replace the model they are using. To stable and no-one-miss reading the laser-marked DPM code on the LCD screen during moving is a challenge.

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    01-08 / 2024

  • Reading Code128 Code on Rotating Electronics Component Reel

    Electronic component manufacturers demand high precision and stability in reading codes on rapidly rotating reels of electronic components. Even the slightest error can lead to a decline in product quality or reduced production efficiency. Code128, a high-density linear barcode, possesses certain characteristics that sometimes make it difficult to read or result in outputting erroneous content, such as poor print quality, low lighting and contrast, distortion, or deformation. Therefore, employing high-performance industrial code readers to decipher Code128 on electronic component reels can significantly enhance the accuracy and speed of the production line, reducing manual intervention and elevating both production efficiency and product quality.

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    12-18 / 2023

  • Success Customer Story _Reading DPM Codes on Moving PCB

    In the electronic PCB industry, the process of reading codes is a crucial step in ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of the manufacturing process. This step typically involves the use of code reading equipment, such as barcode scanners or fixed code readers, to capture and interpret the unique codes and identification markings on the PCB boards.

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    09-09 / 2023

  • Success Customer Story _ Optimize Read Code on PCB on Move Using HM270

    During the PCB manufacturing process, variations in code size and printing can lead to difficulties such as lost or unstable reading, resulting in costly delays. To improve productivity, manufacturer needed a solution with more efficiency and accuracy for reading DPM code on PCB on move. Read our customer story to find out how the easy-to-use Heroje HM270 code reader achieved this application

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    07-15 / 2023

  • Success Customer Story_Reading 0.2x0.2mm Code on The OLED Cover Glass

    To improve productivity, battery manufacturer needed a solution with more efficiency and accuracy solution for reading 0.2mmx0.2mm code marked on the cover glass. The manufacturer selected Heroje fixed code readers, and asked customized a solution for this project to make stable and reliable code reading.

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    07-07 / 2023

  • How to Improve Reading Rate for Battery Manufacturing Process with Heroje HRX series Code Reader

    Recently, a well-known lithium-ion battery manufacturer was asking HEROJE for a better code reading solution for the battery winding process. Please check below for details on the solutions Heroje offers.

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    07-01 / 2023

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