Success Customer Story _Solving Precise Code Reading for Lens Manufacturer

2023-08-22 20:02:17 Alexander

Solving Precise Code Reading for Lens Manufacturer

Fixed mount barcode scanner

The lens manufacturer faced a challenge during their production process where each lens needed to be marked for tracking and management purposes. The production workflow required laser-printing a two-dimensional code onto the surface of black cylindrical lenses. Subsequently, a mechanical fixture clamped the lenses and rotated them at a consistent speed of 360 degrees.

Manufacturer came to Heroje office and requested a solution that could accurately read the two-dimensional code during the rotation process to ensure process stability and accuracy.


The cylindrical shape and black surface of the lenses posed a challenge where the two-dimensional code was located on the surface of cylindrical lenses, and a mechanical fixture needed to clamp and rotate the lenses uniformly. This required maintaining accurate code reading during the rotation process.

Project Overview
  • Industry: Manufacturing

  • Application: Reading 4mmx4mm two dimensional code on cylindrical lens during the rotation process

  • Challenges: Reading code on move, small size code, low contract, cylindrical surface

HEROJE Solution

We provided the client with our advanced TINY series fixed code readers, incorporating our patented optical technology for more focused and brighter illumination. Equipped with a highly sensitive 1.3-megapixel CMOS sensor and a wide-field FA lens, deliver clear imaging and enhanced barcode rescanning capabilities. Even when the mechanical fixture rotated the lenses uniformly, the TINY series was able to rapidly and accurately read the two-dimensional code.

Thanks to the exceptional performance of the TINY series scanners and the expertise of our engineers, the entire implementation process proceeded smoothly. We also offered training on the product features and operation to ensure that the client could fully leverage this solution. The client expressed a high level of satisfaction with the code reading effectiveness.

Fixed mount barcode scannerFixed mount barcode scanner