Success Customer Story_Reading DPM Code on LCD Screen in Manufacturing Processing

2024-01-08 17:00:16 Alexander

Stable Reading DPM Code on LCD Screen in Manufacturing Processing

Fixed mount barcode scanner

With the upgrading of smartphone production lines and the rapid upgrading of products, electronic components have gradually entered the development stage of high density, high function and miniaturization, and the size of components is getting smaller and smaller. These include mobile phone LCD screens. As the entire supply chain becomes more and more strict with production process and quality control, mobile phone LCD screen manufacturers will engrave a 2D code on each LCD screen for traceability, the code includes manufacturer information, production date, production batches, etc. 


Manufacturer was seeking for a cost-effective solution for stable and high-rate reading DPM code on the LCD screen in manufacturing processing to replace the model they are using. To stable and no-one-miss reading the laser-marked DPM code on the LCD screen during moving is a challenge.

Project Overview
  • Industry: Electronics

  • Application: Need to read laser marked Data Matrix code on LCD screen

  • Challenges: Moving-read, Low-contrast, Metal code reading

HEROJE Solution

HEROJE's HM210 Series Code Reader employs HEROJEs Industrial decoding algorithm, provides powerful decoding capacity for 1D Liner and 2D barcodes reading, and DPM(Direct Part Mark) codes. With its compact design, It can be easily integrated into various devices as a barcode reading component application

Fixed mount barcode scannerFixed mount barcode scanner