Reading Code128 Code on Rotating Electronics Component Reel

2023-12-18 20:37:55 Alexandra

Reading Code128 Code on Electronics Component Reel

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Electronic components are fundamental building blocks of electronic devices, encompassing circuit boards, chips, sensors, capacitors, resistors, and more. One of the defining characteristics of this industry is its rapid innovation and continuous technological advancements, involving not only manufacturing but also material science, process technology, and automated production across multiple domains. As the demand for electronic products continues to surge, the production of electronic components has expanded significantly, finding extensive applications ranging from consumer electronics to industrial machinery and medical devices.


In the production process of electronic components, the recognition of Code128 on electronic component reels has become critically important to ensure quality, track products, and enhance efficiency. Even minor errors can lead to a decline in product quality or reduced production efficiency, emphasizing the crucial role of accurately reading Code128 during electronic component manufacturing.


Electronic component manufacturers demand high precision and stability in reading codes on rapidly rotating reels of electronic components. Even the slightest error can lead to a decline in product quality or reduced production efficiency. Code128, a high-density linear barcode, possesses certain characteristics that sometimes make it difficult to read or result in outputting erroneous content, such as poor print quality, low lighting and contrast, distortion, or deformation. Therefore, employing high-performance industrial code readers to decipher Code128 on electronic component reels can significantly enhance the accuracy and speed of the production line, reducing manual intervention and elevating both production efficiency and product quality.

Fixed mount barcode scanner

Project Overview
  • Industry: Electronics

  • Application: Need to read Code128 code on rotating electronics component reel 

  • Challenges: High-speed rotating, poor-printed

HEROJE Solution

HEROJE's HRX Series AI powered Code Reader is an industry-leading technology designed to address challenging code reading applications. It features with the quad-core processor enabling 4 time higher computing capacity than the conventional code readers.

Fixed mount barcode scanner
Fixed mount barcode scanner