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2023-10-23 18:06:39 Allan

Solved Reading 2x2mm QR Code on Transparent Eyeglass

Fixed mount barcode scanner

In the modern eyeglass manufacturing industry, quality control and traceability have become increasingly critical. As consumer demand for personalized eyeglasses continues to rise, eyeglass manufacturers must maintain high-quality standards while enhancing production efficiency. However, one particularly challenging aspect is the precise reading and traceability of 2x2mm laser-printed QR codes on transparent glass lenses. This small yet vital code demands both high accuracy and efficiency to meet the demands of production lines.


The eyeglass manufacturer needed to be able to quickly and accurately read the 2x2mm laser-printed QR code on the transparent glass during the eyeglasses production process, which posed a challenge to conventional code readers.

Fixed mount barcode scannerFixed mount barcode scanner

Project Overview
  • Industry: Eyeglass Manufacturing

  • Application: Need to read 2mmx2mm laser-engraved QR code on transparent eyeglass

  • Challenges: Transforming material, 2x2mm code, Efficient reading, High decoding rate

HEROJE Solution

HEROJE's HRX Series AI powered Code Reader is an industry-leading technology designed to address challenging code reading applications. It features with the industry’s optimal polarized illumination system, enabling efficient reading of laser-engraved code on transparent material. 

Fixed mount barcode scannerFixed mount barcode scanner