Reading QR Code on Resin Dental Mold

2023-12-18 20:34:55 Michael

Reading Code on Resin Dental Mold

A dental mold is a model made for making dental appliances, dentures, or other dental devices. Doctors use silicone rubber or polyurethane resin to accurately replicate the shape and structure of an orthodontic patient's mouth, which helps the doctor design and create appropriate treatment appliances.



To track the manufacturing process and product information, a QR code containing batch number, manufacturer and patient information is engraved on the dental mold. The dental molds are then vacuum sealed to ensure their integrity during transportation and storage.

Project Overview
  • Industry:  Health Care

  • Application: Need to read QR code on resin dental mold 

  • Challenges: Low-contrast, Reflective Sealed

HEROJE Solution

HEROJE's HRX Series AI powered Code Reader is an industry-leading technology designed to address challenging code reading applications. It features with the quad-core processor enabling 4 time higher computing capacity than the conventional code readers.

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